After six-and-a-half great years I've decided to close the door on When I started this blog in the hot Summer of 2009 from my bedroom in Dubai I had planned for it to change the way we looked at fashion and culture in the region and I was aiming for nothing short of regional online domination.

I never expected that Hellwafashion woud be a very large part of why Digital Ape employs a team of people today.

Hellwafashion was my first taste of entrepreneurship.

I lived and breathed this site for every waking hour of every day for years. In late 2011 when Hellwafashion and joined forces I saw the opportunity to scale, Instagram, however had other plans!

I firmly believe that fashion blogs and websites have had their day in the sun, content, fashion or otherwise will be influencer lead for the forseeable future and those influencers will deliver that content primarily through social sites, like Instagram, rather than their own blogs.

The decision to go dark has been on my mind for about six months and finally today on the first day of 2016 it's done.

I held onto keeping Hellwafashion alive as it is so much a part of what made me the business leader I am today.

Digital Ape, deserves my full attention so that I can lend my expertise and advice to the next generation of content creators and influencers and so I can help my excellent team deliver for the next six and a half years and beyond.

Despite infrequent posting, Hellwafashion still recieves considerable traffic. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for visiting and for helping to make some of my dreams come true.

Stay Fashionable, stay Beautiful,
Bébhnn Kelly
Founder Hellwafashion
Co-founder Digital Ape
Current & Future:
Managing Director - Digital Ape.
Twitter: @Bebhinnkelly.